10 May 2000:

Woo hoo!!! As you may well have noticed on your way in here, Cows of Thunder has now been visited over a hundred times!!! By the looks of the guestbook this includes at least one from "across the pond" i.e. the good ol' USA. Okay so he slagged us but it WAS mistaken identity...

Talking of which, only 12 people have signed the guestbook so far! That's only 8 individuals and one of them was me!!!! This MUST IMPROVE!!!!

8 March 2000:

Removed the Java front page; it took ages to load, needed a super fast computer to view it and not everybody has the plug in. So i made a cool 3D logo instead!

Also, changed all the fonts to Arial/Helvetica to make it look more modern,
put all the links on a separate page (friends of TC),
made new buttons for the navibar,
replaced the logo with a better quality image,
and added a shadow between the navibar and the pages.

6 March 2000:

Updated website now has a cool Java welcome page, and all the text is coloured blue. Some new links have also been added to the m g williams page, including Chris Hinton's Flood page!

Some visitors have told me that they only get a black page when they get to the site. This means your web browser does not support Java (special effects). Just hit the enter button and try not to think about the cool effects your missing!!!

1 March 2000:

Removed those annoying Tripod pop-up ads!!! Now all visitors to the site can surf in peace without feeling the need to buy a new laptop or play online poker...

1 February 2000:

News WILL be added here soon. (Promise.)